In Lebanon

No matter where he is, an Antonine monk always remembers his mission: to constantly remind the people that they are on a journey, a pilgrimage towards the Kingdom.
From the already established monasteries that are places for prayer and common fraternal life, the Antonine monks start their journey and embark in their mission, not only in all Lebanese regions, but they also go beyond the borders of the country.
Most of the monasteries of the Antonine Order were built or expanded by the monks themselves, as it shows in the documents preserved in the Historical Archives of the Order. As for the distribution of the monasteries among different regions, this constitutes a clear indicator of the objectives of the Order and its religious mission.


إِنَّ يَسوعَ الـمَسيحَ هُوَ هُوَ أَمْسِ واليَومَ وإلى الأَبَد" (عب ١٣، ٨) تجسُّدُ الكلمةِ سرٌّ لن ينتهيَ العقلُ منَ التبحُّرِ فيه... في كلِّ موقفٍ ومناسبة، نتأمّلُ عظمةَ هذا السرّ تائقينَ إلى معبرٍ يُدخلُنا إلى عمقِ الحقيقة! نؤمنُ أنَّ اللامتناهي يَسهُلُ عليهِ كلُّ شيء... طفلُ المغارةِ يدعونا إلى التسامي، كي يَسهُلَ علينا نحن أيضًا أن نُجسِّدَ محبّتنا لكلِّ إنسان! ميلادٌ مجيدٌ نتمنّاه فسحةً لعيشِ الفضيلة التي زرعها الربُّ يسوع فينا بالعماد. وُلِدَ المسيح... هليلويا! ميلاد مجيد وسنة جديدة مباركة الأباتي داود رعيدي رئيس عام الرهبانية الأنطونيّة المارونيّة "Jésus-Christ est le même hier, aujourd'hui et éternellement" (Héb. 13, 8) L’Incarnation du Verbe est un mystère que la raison ne finira jamais de sonder… En toute situation, à chaque occasion, nous contemplons la grandeur de ce Mystère, aspirant à une voie nous permettant d’accéder à la profondeur de la Vérité ! Nous croyons que pour Dieu, tout est possible… l’Enfant de la crèche nous appelle à nous élever, afin que nous puissions, à notre tour, « incarner » notre amour envers tout homme ! Que cette fête de Noël soit pour vous une occasion de vivre et d’exercer la vertu que le Seigneur Jésus a implantée en nous par le baptême. Le Christ est né! Alléluia. Joyeux Noël, et Heureuse Nouvelle Année richement bénie par notre Seigneur P. Abbé Daoud Reaidy Supérieur Général de l’Ordre Antonin Maronite

Mar Chaaya    The Mother Home of the Order  
(Established in 1700, Patronal day: October 15)


The monastery of Mar Chaaya (Saint Isaiah, the monk) is the mother home of the Antonine Order and it is still the home for the Antonine Novitiate. It was established in the year 1700 by the Maronite Patriarch Gabriel Blouzani, in a region gathering multiple religions and confessions. This monastery is a precursor center for the promotion of conviviality and dialogue between religions and it offers a spiritual and cultural radiation, whether on the level of the Order or on the level of the local church and the Lebanese society.


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Saint Roch Monastery    Antonine General House
(Established in 1768, Patronal day: August 16)


The monastery of Saint Roch is the headquarter of the Order’s Central Government and it is mainly “a place” for monastic life. Within a common fraternal frame of life of prayer, and amidst meditation, proclamation of the Word of God, and liturgical celebrations, the Superior General and his assistants constitute a unique community of life and prayer with the other monks of the monastery.

Together they constitute a plural ministry: administrative and organizational work, but above all pastoral ministry in the neighboring parishes and within the religious communities in the region. The monastery sponsors a school, an ecclesiastic training center, an institute and an artistic workshop, and a Spiritual Resourcing Center.


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Saint Edna    Saint Edna Monastery and Parish
(Established in 1792, Patronal day: October 12)


The Antonine monks work actively at the service of the Maronite parish of Saint Edna in Nammoura; they also make themselves available to render pastoral services in the region of Ftouh-Kesrouan. In addition to its agriculture activity, the monastery of Saint Edna is still today a spiritual resourcing home for ecclesiastic and secular movements, for spiritual and cultural symposiums, after being for a period of time, dedicated for the formation of the Antonine brothers studying in Lebanon.


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Saint Elias    Saint Elias Monastery and Parish
(Established in 1723, Patronal day: July 20)


The monastery of Saint Elias is located in Antelias square and it personifies the pastoral specificity of the antiochian monachism: To serve the Kingdom of God within the world.

The monastery’s pastoral, cultural, and social activities are addressed to all generations. In fact, this monastery was the place where the Pact of the Popular Concord “Al-‘Amiyya” was signed between different Lebanese religions and confessions in 1840.

Finally, one of the many proofs of its cultural radiation is the “Cultural Movement of Antelias” which organizes on a regular basis, national colloquiums and symposiums.


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